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UNI-T Multifunction Loop Tester UT593AU

UNI-T Multifunction Loop Tester UT593AU



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UT593AU is a multifunction digital safety testing instrument, designed with a combination of large-scale integrated analog & digital circuits and microprocessor chip. It measures RCD, line/loop impedance, continuity, insulation resistance, DC and AC voltage, phase sequence, featuring versatile functionality and high accuracy.

- 250V - 1000V DC insulation resistance test
- 9999-count LCD display with analogue bar
- 200mA earth-resistance continuity test
- 0°/180° phase angle option to detect the fastest trigger time
- Lock test
- RCD trip time test and the data storage with one key
- Full/Half wave and count downing (30s) test mode selectable
- Loop impedance/Prospective Fault Current (PFC)/Prospective Short Current (PSC) test
- AC/DC voltage auto check and test
- Trip current test of RCD trip time X2
- RCD trip trigger current test
- Connection check with status real-time display
- Phase sequence and missing test
- White backlight; auto power off
- Meets AS/NZS electrical standards

Test voltages 250V/500V/1000V ±10%
Insulation resistance:
250V 0.05MΩ - 250MΩ
500V 0.05MΩ - 500MΩ
1000V 0.05MΩ - 1000MΩ
Accuracy ±(5%+5)
Short-circuit current <2mA
Low-resistance continuity test range 0.00Ω - 199Ω ±(2%+5)
Low-resistance continuity test Test current 0.00 - 2Ω: >200mA 
Line/Loop impedance range 0.01Ω - 2000Ω ±(5%+5)
Line/Loop impedance test current 20A
Line/Loop impedance PFC test 0kA - 26kA
Line impedance operating voltage 195V - 440V (45Hz - 65Hz)
Loop impedance operating voltage 195V - 253V (45Hz - 65Hz)
Non-trip loop impedance range 1.00Ω - 2000Ω ±(5%+5)
Non-trip loop impedance Operating voltage 195V - 253V (45Hz - 65Hz)
Non-trip loop impedance Test current 15mA
Non-trip loop impedance PFC test 0kA - 26kA
RCD test trip time:
×1/2 *I△n  Range: 0ms - 2000ms
×1 *I△n  Range: 0ms - 300ms ±(5%+5)
×1 *I△n  Range: 0ms - 500ms (Select count down)
×5 *I△n  Range: 0ms - 40ms ±(5%+5)
Phase sequence test Operating voltage 100V - 440V (45Hz - 65Hz)
Phase sequence test display Phase sequence: L1→ L2→ L3, forward rotation; L1→ L3→ L2 reverse rotation
Ramp RCD test Test current 10mA/30mA/100mA/300mA/500mA ±10%
AC voltage range 0V - 440V ±(5%+2)
AC voltage Frequency response 45Hz~60Hz
AC voltage resolution 1V

Powered by 6 x 1.5V battery
Size 210mm x 175mm x 90 mm
Weight 1000g

1 x UNI-T Multifunction Loop Tester UT593AU
1 x Set Test Leads (red, green, black)
1 x Special Power Test Lead
1 x Remote-Control Test Lead
Carry case

Warranty 12 months