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Terms and Conditions

If you change your mind about products you have received you may return them within 7 days from the invoice date.  A 20% restocking fee may apply. The cost of shipping to return the products to Testntools is the responsibility of the purchaser.

If you change your mind about products you have ordered but not yet received then contact us immediately to cancel your order. If the products have already been sent then the second point will apply.

No products will be accepted for return without first being granted permission by Testntools Limited.

Product Condition
All products returned must be 100% complete and in clean condition. Packaging must be intact and they must contain ALL original boxes and packing materials, accessories, manuals and warranty cards.

Return Shipping
Testntools strongly recommends the purchaser return products by courier with insurance in case it is lost or damaged in transit. In general to send by Courier Post with signature required is best, you may send by any method but it is at your own risk. The cost of return shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Damage On Arrival
If product was delivered incorrectly or with defects or damage please notify Testntools in writing within three days or receiving the product. The notification must quote the relevant invoice number and must include all the necessary details of the incorrect delivery, defect or damage. Or if possible it is best to refuse to accept it from the courier attempting delivery.

If the delivery is accepted with damage make sure it is noted on the courier docket in order to assist an insurance claim with the courier company.

If the purchaser fails to notify Testntools, the purchaser shall be deemed to have received the product in good order and condition and that the same had been delivered in accordance with the purchaser's order.

Faulty Products
Faulty products can be returned directly to Testntools within 7 days from the invoice date. At the discretion of Testntools we will repair, replace, exchange or refund.

The warranty applicable to each product is in addition to the Purchasers rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993. However, where Purchaser is purchasing for the purposes of a business, the Purchaser agrees that the terms of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 shall not apply.

For any warranty to apply the product must have only been used for the purpose it was intended for, and not altered, modified or abused in any way. It must have been used in accordance with the product instructions.

The execution of any warranty claims remains at the discretion of Testntools.

For customers in New Zealand and Australia refunds will only be paid directly into a Purchasers account. For customers in other countries refunds will be paid by PayPal. We DO NOT make refund payments by cheque or cash.

The cost of shipping (from Testntools to the purchaser and vice versa) will not be refunded.

If an order has been placed but cancelled before the products have been sent then a full refund will be paid.

We have procedures in place to ensure we always have goods in stock. But from time to time a large customer order (or a popular item) can put us in the unfortunate position of running out of stock! Generally the lead time for new stock is about 4-5 weeks. If an item you have ordered is out of stock we will let you know straight away. You then have the option of waiting for the new stock to arrive or cancelling your order. If you have already paid for the goods (and you wish to cancel your order) a full refund will be given.

Property and ownership of all products will remain with Testntools until goods are paid for by the purchaser at which time title passes to the purchaser.

Loss or damage that occurs during shipping by a carrier selected by Testntools is the responsibility of Testntools. Loss or damage that occurs during shipping by a carrier selected by Purchaser is the responsibility of the Purchaser.

Testntools owns the copyright for all content (images, text etc) on this site. All images within this site are digitally signed for our security. If you wish to reproduce any of our content then please request permission via the Contact Us form. We may or may not allow the copying of our content, but at least ask!

Testntools liability for damages shall in no case exceed the purchase price of any products . Testntools will not be liable for any losses of any kind or any delay in performing obligations caused by any natural disaster, flood or earthquake, strike, lockout, fire, war, civil commotion, network service failure, inability to obtain products or supplies including the imposition of any export or import bans, or any other cause beyond its reasonable control.

The Purchaser will indemnify Testntools against all costs (including legal costs on a solicitor and own client basis), expenses, losses, damages or claims arising in any way where the purchaser have failed to comply with any one of these terms, as modified from time to time.

If Testntools fails to enforce any terms or to exercise its rights under these terms and conditions at any time, Testntools has not waived those rights.

While Testntools supplies goods to customers outside New Zealand the laws of New Zealand apply to these terms and conditions. Any dispute arising in relation to these terms and conditions will be resolved in accordance with New Zealand law.

Testntools reserves the right to alter these Terms And Conditions at any time. In general any changes made will be in order to better serve our customers. No notice of changes will be given.