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Tasi Digital Datalogging Light Intensity Meter TA8133

Tasi Digital Datalogging Light Intensity Meter TA8133



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This digital light meter accurately measures ambient light levels with the convenience of a remote sensor for holding where required and easily taking a reading. It is perfect for assessing light levels when installing CCTV systems, home projector setup, designing office layouts or ensuring your workplace light levels meet health and safety criteria. It's also a particularly important tool for photography where knowing the light brightness is essential to get the correct exposure.

Fold out stand
Data hold button
Data logging - 50 readings
Delay logging function - 1- 60 seconds
Threaded tripod mount on sensor
Minimum and maximum reading
Protective sensor cap
Low battery display
Supplied with nylon case

Range 2000/20000/100000 Lux or 20/200/10000 FC
Resolution 1 Lux
Sampling rate 2 times per second
Repeatability +/- 2%
Accuracy <10,000 Lux  (+/- 3% reading +/-10 digits)
Accuracy >10,000 Lux (+/- 4% reading +/- 10 digits)
(calibrated to a standard incandescent lamp at colour temperature 2856K)
Silicon photo diode sensor with filter
Curly cord length 1300mm
Working temperature 0 - 40 degrees C
Powered by 2 x AAA batteries (not supplied)
LCD screen 32 x 35mm
Dimensions 128L x 55W x 30H mm

12 Months Warranty

0.00005 lux - Starlight
0.0001 lux - Moonless overcast night sky
0.001 lux - Moonless clear night sky
0.01 lux - Quarter moon
0.25 lux - Full moon on clear night
1 lux - Full moon overhead tropical latitiude
3 lux - Dark limit of civil twighlight with clear sky
50 lux - Family living room
400 lux - Brightly lit office
400 lux - Sunset on clear day
1000 lux - Typical TV studio lighting
32000 lux - Sunlight on average day (min)
100000 lux - Sunlight on average day (max)