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SmartTool Sensor Module STSM

SmartTool Sensor Module STSM



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SmartTool is simple to use. Just press the On/Off button and SmartTool will show you the angle of any surface with decimal-point accuracy. The display even flips over with the level, so SmartTool always reads "right side up". The automatic shut-off feature powers down the device after five minutes of inactivity, ensuring that



  • Angled Display for easy reading in low and high positions
  • Callibration Button keeps SmartToolTM factory accurate. You don't even need a level surface.
  • Angle Accuracy to 1/10th of a degree.
  • Built in Solid Acrylic Bubble Vials lets you quickly check level and plumb
  • Hold Button "freezes" an angle measurement on the display, and can be used to convert readings from one mode to another.
  • The Mode Button lets you see angles in three ways - degrees, % slope or pitch (inches of rise per foot of run).
  • Listen & LevelTM. Ideal for poorly lit areas. Also allows hands-free operation as the audible tone alerts you when tool reaches level or plumb.
  • Comes with its own padded carry case.



  • The unit is: 165mm x 50mm x 35mm (L, H, W)
  • Unit runs on a 9V battery which is included