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Sinsui Non-Contact Laser Tachometer DT-2234B

Sinsui Non-Contact Laser Tachometer DT-2234B



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We compared these with our calibrated and certified Lutron DT2236 and the results came out exactly the same so you are getting a very accurate tachometer for a good price.

A great tool to measure the revolutions per minute of shafts, pulleys, wheels, blades, centrifuges etc without losing a finger.

Stick a short piece of the self adhesive reflective tape (supplied) to the shaft, pulley or wheel etc to be measured (while stopped!). Press the side button and aim the laser at the reflective tape. The current rpm will be displayed and will update if the rpm changes.

Large 18mm 5 Digit LCD display
Measuring distance 50 to 500mm
Measuring range 2.5 - 99 999 rpm
Resolution 0.1 rpm at <1000 rpm
Resolution 1.0 rpm at >1000 rpm
Accuracy ±0.05% + 1 digit
Battery powered 3 x AA's not supplied
Dimensions 195L x 75W x 38H mm

Easy targeting red laser
Automatic range selection
Supplied with 600mm reflective tape
Quartz crystal time base
Low battery warning

Press to display the upper rpm reading
Press again to display the lower rpm reading
Press again to display the last rpm reading

Performance engine tuning
Industrial process control
Farming applications (PTO speed)
Manufacturing machinery testing
Compressor testing

12 Months Warranty

* Note the plastic case shown is not included.