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ROK Digital Caliper (Vernier) 300mm Metal Casing

ROK Digital Caliper (Vernier) 300mm Metal Casing



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Our calipers may look the same as others but once you touch, feel and use them you'll know they are more than just 'pretty', they have personality too. That's because we've imported top quality calipers from ROK International.

The sliding action is nice and smooth, there's no grittiness or binding. The repeatability is consistent, you can open and close the jaws a number of times and they will reliably return to zero. The body parts have been machined clean and tight so there is virtually no lateral play in the jaws. The display is clear and the segments are all equal contrast. They are a pleasure to use because they feel 'dialed in' and just work like they should!

They can measure 4 ways - inside, outside, depth and incremental making them ideal for general engineering, metalwork, checking drill bit sizes, measuring shell casing flaring (when ammo reloading), making jewellery and many other uses.

If for any reason you don't agree these are great calipers then send them back and we'll give you a refund!

Range 0-300mm (12 Inches)
Accuracy 0.02 mm/0.001 inch <200mm
Accuracy 0.03 mm/0.001 inch >200-300mm
Resolution 0.01 mm/0.0005 inch
Max measuring speed 1.5 m/s
Large 12mm 5 digit LCD display
Battery 1.55V SR44 button cell (included)

Super strong magnesium casing
Made of hardened stainless steel
Lock screw to hold at desired setting
Battery life one year continuous use
Zero button for absolute and differential measurements
Displays millimeters or inches and converts with button
Supplied in strong moulded plastic case
Complete with instructions

24 Months Warranty (Yes 2 Years!)

[ROK DC-362MA]
Also know as Digital Calliper (British spelling)