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ROK Dial Indicator DTI 0-25mm 0.01mm Metric And Imperial

ROK Dial Indicator DTI 0-25mm 0.01mm Metric And Imperial



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The Dial Indicator (also known as a DTI, probe indicator or dial gauge) is a very handy tool for accurately measuring very small distances. It's great for centreing a piece in a 4 jaw chuck, for checking the tolerances on machined parts, checking disc brake runout, material flatness etc.

The dial is graduated in both metric and imperial (inches) making it easy to read for both new and 'old school' engineers and it can be rotated 360 degrees for reading at any angle or setting the needle on zero. The two moveable outer dial pointers allow easy setting of tolerance limits.

The standard size shank allows it to attach to any magnetic base and the lug at the rear provides other mounting options. This is a high quality unit with very smooth plunger action.

Smooth running bearing tip
Stainless steel componentry
Twin dial limit indicators
Lockable rotating face
Anti-shock protection

Plunger range 0-25mm and 0-1 inch
Graduations 0.01mm and 0.001 inches
Shank 8mm for magnetic base
Mounting lug with 6mm hole
Large 55mm dial face

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