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Marshalltown Bevel End Magnesium Hand Float DuraSoft Handle 400mm x 80mm MT145D

Marshalltown Bevel End Magnesium Hand Float DuraSoft Handle 400mm x 80mm MT145D



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MARSHALLTOWN is one of the largest tool manufacturers in the world with over 5,000 products for professionals and do-it-yourselfers in asphalt, brick, concrete, drywall, EIFS, flooring, paint, plaster, stucco, tile and wallpaper. Trading in the US since 1890, the company had long since become more than just a “trowel” supplier. MARSHALLTOWN also offers "brick red" handles on hundreds of tools, including trowels, tuck pointers, jointers and sled runners, hawks, taping knives, joint and putty knives, edgers, groovers, floats and darbies, chisels, rasps, tapers, utility knives, sanders, squeegees, texture guns, seam rollers, saws, and scrapers.

MARSHALLTOWN's Beveled End Magnesium Hand Float blades are extruded from the finest magnesium for just the right shape and weight to easily glide on air-entrained concrete, giving it a smooth finish. The handles are positioned just right to provide the perfect balance.

- Magnesium blade material
- Magnesium floats produce a smoother finish than wood
- DuraSoft handle provides soft feel, reduces fatigue and offers excellent durability
- Comfortable handle is positioned to give the tool perfect balance
- Handles are secured with torque pad screws that will not back out
- Standard handle style
- The most popular float design
- Recommended for use with air entrained concrete
- Made in the USA with Global Materials

Float Size 400mm x 80mm

Model MT145D