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Lutron LU-AM4214SD Anemometer Hotwire

Lutron LU-AM4214SD Anemometer Hotwire



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AM-4214SD is suitable for a wide range of uses including air balancing, ventilation hoods and environmental testing. For ducts and hard to reach points the LU-AM4214SD is ideal, with its small telescopic hotwire sensors. Accuracy is +/-1% of scale +0.1m/sec, perfect anemometer for low velocities. 

- Real-time clock
- Enable reading to be time-stamped for accurate record-keeping
- Measure automatically as set intervals 
- Use the buttons to measure and record manually
- Function as a digital thermometer for K/J thermocouples
- 5 ranges of measurement
- Data logger sampling time set 1-3600 seconds
- SD card (not included) logging function allows you to easily record, download and shares data as records can be read directly from a PC

Anemometer range 0.2 to 25 m/s
Anemometer resolution 0.2-5m/s 0.01m/s, 5-25m/s 0.1m/s
Anemometer accuracy +/-1% of scale +0.1m/sec
Units m/s, ft/min, km/hr, mile/h, knots
Thermometer 0 to 50°C, +/-0.8ºC
Type K: -50.0 to 1300°C, ± (0.4 % + 0.5°C) 
Type J: -50 to 1200°C, ± (0.4 % + 0.5°C)
SD card capacity: 1GB to 16GB (not included)

Hotwire anemometer
Telescope probe
Carrying case
Instruction manual

Model LU-AM4214SD