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Liffu Powered I-Beam Trolley For Electric Hoist 1200Kg

Liffu Powered I-Beam Trolley For Electric Hoist 1200Kg

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This powered trolley runs on an overhead I-beam and from it you hang a chain block, electric chain hoist or lever hoist. Brackets are included for attaching any size mini electric hoist (e.g. PA200 to PA1200). Such a setup makes it much quicker and easier to move heavy items around the workshop.

It should be installed on a suitably strong and well mounted i-beam (RSJ or H-section steel beam) with a bottom flange width of 68-110mm. The gap between the wheels is adjusted with the included spacer washers. It can be installed at any point on the beam, so end of beam access is not required.

This trolley can also be used as a pipe trolley on O.D. 55mm pipe (however the motor will cause it to tip when there's no load unless a counterbalance is installed by the User).

Forward/reverse switch
Hardened steel wheels
Sealed wheel bearings
Hook loop for chain blocks and lever hoists
Adjustable anti-tip bearings for cantilevered loads

Maximum load 1200Kg
Single phase 230V 180W
Pendant Length 1.5m
Travel speed 15m/min
I-beam width 68-110mm
Conical wheel diameter 75-82mm
Overall wheel diameter 105mm
Size without brackets 210L x 200W x 200H mm
Weight 14.6Kg

European standards 2006/42/EC EN 14492-2 EN 60204-32
International CE certification, GS, EMC and RoHS

Powered trolley
Electric hoist mounting brackets
Hook mounting loop
Castle nut split pins
User manual


- Also known as a push trolley, gantry trolley or girder trolley.
- Can be used on wider I-beams if the bolts are replaced with longer 19mm high tensile bolts.