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Liffu Electric Hoist 230V Wire Rope 60m 250Kg

Liffu Electric Hoist 230V Wire Rope 60m 250Kg



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This hoist is easy to mount, simply hook it over a 2 inch pipe and engage the safety catch. It's ideal for brick layers and roofers working at heights because it will hook onto the scaffolding and you can hoist up your materials.

Just plug it in to an ordinary power point and away you go. The electromagnetic brake is released only when the up/down switch is operated making it fail-safe in the event of a power failure.

The 60 metre wire rope makes it suitable for working at great heights when you'd normally have to hire a crane.

Up/down switch
Emergency stop
Thermal overload protection
Up overrun protection
Electromagnetic brake
Cable strain reliefs
Hook ballast

Load 250Kg
Lifting height 60m
Lifting speed 15m/min 
Hook to hook 600mm
Cable diameter 4.5mm
Cable tensile strength ≥1870 N/mm2
Mounting hook fits OD 50mm pipe
Single phase 230V 1300W
Duty cycle 40% over 10 minutes
Pendant cable 1.6m (extendable)
Size 460L x 200W x 600H mm 
Weight 32Kg

European 2006/42/EC EN14492-2 and EN60204-32
International CE certification, GS, EMC and RoHS

Electric hoist
User manual


What's the difference between and HOIST and a WINCH?

HOISTS are for LIFTING - A 200Kg hoist could probably pull a 1000Kg load
WINCHES are for PULLING - A 1000Kg winch could probably only lift 100Kg

Pulling is easier than lifting and a lifted load needs to be stopped with a brake.