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Dremel Trio Collet Adapter For 3.2mm (1/8") Shank Accessories T000000001

Dremel Trio Collet Adapter For 3.2mm (1/8") Shank Accessories T000000001



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The Dremel Trio normally only accepts accessories with a 4.7mm (3/16") shank which is a bit of a problem if you already have a lot of 3.2mm (1/8") bits in your kit or you want to choose from the large range available in that size.

Dremel don't do a collet adapter so we had a local precision engineering company make some for us. Thanks very much to in Henderson, Auckland for helping us with this you did an amazing job making the collets!

The photo shows how a Dremel 650 straight router bit can now be used in the Trio. Bits with a 3.2mm shank bits are shorter than the Trio accessories and the router bit is shown at the maximum depth it can go. The Trio base is retracted as far as it will go but in this case you'll still get 10mm cutting depth which in most cases is still plenty. 

Collet inside diameter accepts 3.2mm shanks
All other dimensions are same as original Trio collet


This is not a Dremel branded product but we call it the "Dremel Trio Collet Adapter For 3.2mm (1/8") Shank Accessories" because it is FOR the Dremel Trio.

Price is for the collet only, no tools or accessories included.

And yes we know it's expensive compared to other collets but we are selling them virtually at cost price so the Trio will be more versatile and useful for our customers. In doing that we will hopefully sell more Dremel Trio's!

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