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Dremel 4000 Spare Part Number 812 - Motor Brushes 2610005646

Dremel 4000 Spare Part Number 812 - Motor Brushes 2610005646



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Fits Dremel 4000 only, not compatible with other models.

Dremel calls these the brush-spring set, number 812 in the parts diagram.

The motor brushes in your Dremel tool will wear down with normal use so they should be checked every 50 hours or so. To check them unplug the tool and unscrew (lefty loosey) the brush caps with a small flat head screwdriver. The carbon brushes are held in with springs which should come out easily or with careful prying with the screwdriver if needed. If either of the carbon brushes are less than 3.5mm long they should both be replaced.

If you need to open your Dremel 4000 you will need to remove the screws with a long T8 Torx bit. The side labels will also need to be removed (or carefully cut through the middle of the label with a box cutter knife) before the clamshell housing can be split apart.

2 x Carbon motor brushes
2 x Contact springs

Spare parts cannot be returned so please choose carefully.

We can supply other Bosch and Dremel spare parts so get in touch if you need something for your angle grinder, circular saw, battery powered tools etc.

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