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Desic TCT Tile Holesaw Adjustable 20-100mm

Desic TCT Tile Holesaw Adjustable 20-100mm



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Cut holes in ceramic tiles the easy way. Can also be used to cut fibre cement board. No pilot hole required as it will cut it's own with the centre point.

Adjustable diameter from 20-100mm
Centre drill diameter 9.5mm
TCT cutting points
Maximum 200 rpm

Best results are obtained when used in a drill press but can be used with a power drill too as long as you go slow and steady. Use water as a cutting lubricant (by spraying water on the hole with a spray bottle) so the tungsten carbide tips don't overheat.

Note - this item is not suitable for glass or porcelain tiles because they are harder than ceramic.

Matt Henderson Said...
What a great tool! With a hand drill I managed to cut neat 40mm holes in 8mm ceramic tiles.