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Desic Diamond Twist Drills 1.0mm - 2.5mm (5 Pack)

Desic Diamond Twist Drills 1.0mm - 2.5mm (5 Pack)



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PRICE IS FOR PACK OF 5 - You choose the sizes

These top quality diamond coated twist drills from Desic are especially suited for drilling holes in very hard non-metallic materials.

They can be used in all high speed rotary tools such as Dremel, Foredom, Proxxon, Ryobi, Fuller and Ozito etc. Note that depending on the sizes of drills you choose you may need an accessory 3 jaw chuck instead of a collet.

Greenstone, granite, glass, marble, porcelain, ceramic tiles, concrete, hard epoxies, quartz (and other crystals) etc

After ordering tell us how what sizes you want to make up the set of 5.

1.0mm diameter x 30mm
1.5mm diameter x 40mm
2.0mm diameter x 50mm
2.5mm diameter x 57mm

- Always use water cooling. A spray bottle works well or submerge you item in a water filled paint roller tray.
- If drilling holes bigger than 1.0mm make a 1.0mm pilot hole first, then use the desired size it will drill much more easily.
- Using a drill press is easier to keep the bit straight and avoid breakage.
- Twist drills can break when you least expect it so always wear safety glasses.
- Take the drill bit out of the hole frequently and flush with water to remove debris.
- For some drill sizes you may need to use an accessory 3 jaw chuck instead of a collet in order to firmly hold the drill bit.
- Do not force the drill bit, let the diamond do the cutting and drill at moderate to medium speed. Drilling too fast prematurely wear off the diamond plating.
- Oil after use to prevent rusting.

* Dremel 3000, 3 jaw chuck and other accessories in photo not included.
* If you don't specify the sizes we will send you 2 x 1.0mm, 1 x 1.5mm, 1 x 2.0mm, 1 x 2.5mm
** The drill sizes are nominal, there will be slight variations in the diameter due to how the diamond coating is applied to the drill bit.