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Desic Diamond Polishing Compound 1 x 5g - 12 Micron Choices

Desic Diamond Polishing Compound 1 x 5g - 13 Micron Choices



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You can now purchase Desic Polishing Compound syringes individually.  Select as many as you require and let us know your micron choices at checkout.  

Diamond polishing or lapping paste. All options are oil based, easy for use and avoid contamination.

Suitable for use on jewellery & gemstone, steel & hard metal, aluminium & zinc, all metallurgical purpose. Best used with wool polishers.

- Polishing close tolerances of molds and dies
- Honing super sharp edges on chisels and knives
- Cleaning up bed surfaces of cheap lathes and milling machines
- Tool finishing and polishing

0.25 Micron - Final Polish (Light Grey)
0.5 Micron - Final Polish (Light Burgundy)
1.0 Micron - Mirror finish (Light yellow)
1.5 Micron - Mirror finish (Dark yellow)
2.5 Micron - Mirror finish (Pink)
3.5 Micron - Fine Polish (Red)
5.0 Micron - Fine Polish (Blue)
7.0 Micron - Pre Polish, fine lapping (Purple)
10 Micron - Lapping metals (Grey)
14 Micron - Stock Removal or lapping metals (Brown)
20 Micron - Stock Removal or lapping metals (Rust)
28 Micron - Medium fast lapping (Green)
40 Micron - Fast lapping or stock removal carbide (Black)

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