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Desic Diamond Coated Holesaw Glass And Tiles 18mm

Desic Diamond Coated Holesaw Glass And Tiles 18mm



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Diamond coated hole saws are perfect for drilling very hard materials that other drills won't even touch. They are good for bathroom projects where waste pipes need to go through tile lined walls and floors.

Glass, wall tiles, floor tiles, marble, ceramic, granite, porcelain, limestone, slat­e, stone, fiberglass.

18mm (23/32") diameter
6mm shank
High density electroplated diamonds
Total height 55mm

1. Wet cutting is best, it keeps the holesaw cool making it last a lot longer and also eliminates dust. Use a spray bottle with water while drilling or make a well around the area with plasticine or Blu-tac. Wet cutting is quicker because it flushes out the slurry.
2. If you MUST dry cut then drill 5 seconds and rest 10 seconds to avoid overheating.
3. Never use hammer action it is less effective and the holesaw may be damaged.
4. To get the hole in the right place drill a hole the same size in a piece of wood and clamp it to the work. Remove the template once the holesaw has started cutting. This is a very safe way to cut glass and tiles.
5. Oil after use to prevent rusting.

If you want to drill steel reinforced concrete see our range of Desic Diamond Core Drill Holesaws.