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Desic Diamond Coated Hole Saws 10 Pieces 3-12mm

Desic Diamond Coated Hole Saws 10 Pieces 3-12mm



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Diamond coated hole saws are perfect for drilling holes in glass, marble, tile, granite and other very hard materials. These are good for bathroom projects where you have to mount mirrors and the like on top of tiles. The seven different sizes mean that you will have multiple sizes on hand to meet your drilling needs.

The shanks on thes holesaws are hollow so cooling water can be fed down the middle with the use of a water swivel. If you don't have a water swivel then use a spray bottle to keep them wet or drill the item slightly submerged in a large container. If that's not possible then use plasticine or Blu-tac to make a well around the hole and fill with water.

3mm (1/8") diameter, 2.5mm shank
4mm (5/32") diameter, 3.4mm shank
5mm (13/64") diameter, 4.4mm shank
6mm (1/4") diameter, 5.4mm shank
7mm (4.4/16") diameter, 6.3mm shank
8mm (5/16") diameter, 6.4mm shank
9mm (5.7/16") diameter, 6.4mm shank
10mm (3/8") diameter, 6.4mm shank
11mm (6.9/16") diameter, 6.4mm shank
12mm (1/2") diameter, 6.5mm shank

The nominal drilling depth for all is 25-30mm but you can go to a maximum 42mm if the core is removed before proceeding.

1. Wet cutting is best. It reduces the amount of dust, flushes out the slurry so cuts a lot quicker and greatly extends the tool life by cooling the cutting edge.
2. If you MUST dry cut then drill 5 seconds and rest 10 seconds to avoid overheating.
3. Never use hammer action it is less effective and the holesaw may be damaged.
4. Use a plywood template for cutting. You can secure the template to whatever you are cutting to ensure that it doesn't move from side to side. This is a very safe way to cut tiles or glass.