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Desic Diamond 2 Row Concrete Grinding Cup 125mm

Desic Diamond 2 Row Concrete Grinding Cup 125mm



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This is a professional quality concrete grinding cup for general purpose use. It can quickly transform rough old concrete into a beautiful polished surface.

The open hole arbor will fit all 125mm (5 inch) and larger angle grinders and 2 adaptor rings are included for all shaft sizes.

The commercial grade diamond segments are 6mm thick and 8mm wide for quick grinding and long lasting durability on hard cured concrete, blocks, bricks, masonry, stone and asphalt etc. The segments are a mix of 80/100 grit diamond sands producing a medium grit which is good for general purpose use.

Can be used wet or dry.

Diameter 125mm (5")
Arbor hole diameter 22mm (7/8")
Adaptor rings 16mm (5/8") and 20mm (3/4")
Segment size 8mm wide x 6mm deep
20 diamond segments
Medium diamond grit
Two row segment profile