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Merry Christmas from Testntools!

20 Dec 2017
by Grant Bourne

We're closing the office over the stats, but the website is 24/7 so orders will be dispatched the next business day.  

Thanks for your support this year, see you in 2018!

Cheers, Grant and Nadiya


New Releases from Dremel

29 Nov 2017
by Grant Bourne

Dremel have 2 new releases this week, just in time for Christmas.  

The 4300 features a 3 jaw keyless chuck and a pivot light so you can say goodbye to collets and hello to better visibility of your work.  It replaces the 4200 which used a one hand collet system.  Having been big fans of the 3 jaw chuck for awhile, we think that the 4300 will be a hit!  We have it in 2 kit options, depending on whether or not you'd like a flex shaft with it.  


The second release is the Maker Kit which bundles together 3 of Dremel's top products at a great price.  Between these 3 you can solder, cut, carve, polish, rout, engrave, woodburn, and so much more.  This kit is a special release with limited availability.


Reducing collet for a Dremel 732 with 236 handpiece

04 Oct 2016
by Grant Bourne

Here's a solution that John from Dargaville came up with to reduce the collet size on his Dremel 732 to 3.2mm (1/8") so he'd could use the range of Dremel accessories that have 3.2mm shanks.

His Dremel 732 is fitted with a heavy duty 236 handpiece and reducing collets do exist apparently but are very difficult to find.

The "Dremel Trio Collet Adapter For 3.2mm (1/8") Shank Accessories" we sell has an OD of 5.9mm which will fit inside the 236 handpiece (where the 6mm shank accessories would normally go) so we sent one to try out.

It didn't work out of the box but John was able to machine a small brass taper to fit over the end of the collet and there you go, it works!

Reducing collet for a Dremel 732 with 236 handpiece

Reducing collet for a Dremel 732 with 236 handpiece

Reducing collet for a Dremel 732 with 236 handpiece

Fieldays 2016 - We're there with our Liffu Hoists

14 Jun 2016
by Grant Bourne

We're at the Fieldays again this year. Come and see our Liffu Hoists in the MacDonald Machinery tent at site H51.

I'll be there on Saturday, would be great to see you.

Grant at Testntools.

Fieldays 2016 Site Map H51 Liffu Hoists

Photos from Fieldays 2015

Fieldays 2015 Liffu Hoists


Fieldays 2015 Liffu Hoists



There's a vacancy at Testntools

08 Jun 2016
by Grant Bourne


Thanks to everyone who applied for this job. There were a lot of really good candidates but unfortunately there was only one position available and this has now been filled.

Best of luck in your job hunt.

Grant at Testntools.


Our Administrator is having a baby and we’re looking for a special person to replace her while she’s on maternity leave for 7 months until early April 2017.

Working closely with the owner, you’ll be an integral part of growing and developing this small, internet-based business.  This is an autonomous role where you’ll be responsible for managing the day to day sales processes and handling customer inquiries.

As part of a small team, it’s essential you have a can-do, flexible attitude and a great sense of humour!  Our customers are the key to our business, so you need to have great communication skills and have lots of customer service experience.

We're looking for someone with very good computer skills who can organise and prioritise. Don't worry we’ll teach you everything you need to know to run the office like clock work.  

The position is part time 4-5 days a week and 24+ hours. We can be flexible on the days and hours of work, it very much depends on the person and often extra hours are available if you’re keen.

If you’d like to apply please email your CV to

Applications close Sunday 26th June 2016.

We've got a new website

24 May 2016
by Grant Bourne

Woohoo we’ve got a new website!

I say woohoo because we’ve put a LOT of effort into this. For the past couple of months we’ve been toiling away in the background getting it all ready, updating, changing, testing.

And now we can finally launch.

Our old website was set up in 2006 and quite honestly it was getting quite embarrassing. Technology has moved on a lot but our website was stuck in time.

Our new site has a lot of improvements.

Better search

The results are now targeted to the product name so you will only get results based on that instead of pages of product that aren’t related to what you’re looking for.


That means it’ll work nicely on your smartphone. No more zooming in and out to see things, it just works.


I spent a whole day deciding what these should be, you’d think it’d be easy but it’s not. What should the top level categories be to cover everything we sell now and allow for future growth? Should a tool be defined by it’s name or it’s function? There was a lot to think about.

When shopping for a tool you look for it by name, not what it does. When you already have the tool you look for accessories by what they do. With that in mind the categories are a mix of name and function depending on the hierarchy of the tool or accessory.

E.g. I want to do some cutting and need to buy an angle grinder - I’m shopping for an angle grinder.

I’ve got an angle grinder and need to do some cutting - I’m shopping for cutting discs.

We’ve got a lot more categories now so if you’re more of a browser than a searcher it’s a lot easier to see what we have and now we can more easily add product to our range. In the past a lot of products got filed in ‘Miscellaneous’, no more of that...

Product Names, Product Codes and Photos

Product names have been updated so that searching for a product works better. Every product now has a unique product code, phone Customers can call and quote the code and we’ll easily be able to find it. We now make photos all the same size so when clicking through a gallery it doesn’t jump all over the place. They haven’t all be updated yet so if you find some that are inconsistent be kind, we’re getting to it.

Wish List

If you see something you like and think ‘oooh nice, but I’m broke’ then ‘Wish List’ it and when you’ve done some overtime come back and buy it.

Backend Administration

This one's for Us. It’s so much better meaning we can process your orders faster and more easily run promotions.


There’s a few more features to come like logging in with your Facebook account, expanded filters, search by features etc. If there’s a feature you’d particularly like to see let us know and we’ll see if we can do it.


Q. Have my details been transferred from the old website to the new one?

A. No sorry they haven’t. We tried but it became a mission trying to translate fields from old to new, then there was the issue of retaining passwords. In the end we felt it was better to start afresh and ask Customers to register their details again and have the opportunity to choose a new password.

Q. What happens if I ordered something from your old website and I need a copy of the invoice?

A. Don’t worry we’ve got copies of everything. Just let us know and we’ll dig it out for you.

Q. I want to register on your new site but can’t remember what email address I used on the old site.

A. There’s no connection between the old and new sites so use whatever email address you like, just as though you were registering on a new site you had found.

Q. It sounds a bit dodgy like you are trying to steal my details then will use my credit card to buy pizzas.

A. I suppose you could draw that long bow… If you’re worried give us a call to speak to a real person and we can answer any questions you have. Mmmm meatlovers, nom nom nom.

Puts serious hat back on.. When you pay by credit card our site redirects you to Payment Express. They're the experts in credit card security so we let them handle that for us. At no time do we see your credit card details. The only time we do is if you call to place and order, then we enter your details directly into Payment Express.

Here's what our old website looked like.