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Benetech Infrared Pizza Oven Thermometer GM550

Benetech Infrared Pizza Oven Thermometer GM550



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Take the guesswork out of cooking in your outdoor oven, with an infrared thermometer.

If you're going to cook properly in your outdoor pizza oven you really need to know the temperature inside before putting the food in. Get it wrong and you'll either char your food or give your guests a case of the runs!

It's not feasible to use traditional thermometers to measure what can be a VERY hot environment. But with infrared measurement technology you can 'point and shoot' to get temperature readings inside your oven from a safe distance.

To take a measurement just squeeze the trigger and aim the laser dot at the inside wall of the pizza oven. If you keep holding the trigger it will continuously update as you move it around. After releasing the trigger the LCD will hold the result of the measurement and display in C or F depending on what you have selected.

Range -50 to 550 ºC
Resolution 0.1 ºC
Accuracy ± 1.5ºC / ±1.5% 
Sample rate 0.1 second
Emissivity fixed standard 0.95
D:S 12:1 - Distance 120mm Spot is 10mm
Powered by 9V battery supplied
Weight 200g including battery
Dimensions 185H 45W x 90D mm

Laser pointer targeting
Large backlit 4 digit LCD display
Selectable units Celsius or Fahrenheit
Automatic data hold and power off
Complies to EN50082-1/1997 EN55024
Low battery indicator
CE Certified

12 Months Warranty