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Benetech Digital Anemometer Wind Speed Meter GM816

Benetech Digital Anemometer Wind Speed Meter GM816



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Benetech Digital Anemometer Wind Speed Meter GM816

'Anemometer' is the technical name for a wind speed meter. It's useful for many applications including sports (handgliding, kite surfing, parasailing etc) and helping decide where to put your wind turbine. There are 5 different wind speed units you can select at the push of a buton.

The design is super compact and lightweight and the long lanyard allows you to hang it around your neck ready for when you need it. As well as wind speed it also measures temperature and wind chill factor (when the temperature is below zero).

Wind speed range 0 - 30 m/s
Wind speed range 0 - 55 knots
Wind speed range 0 - 90 km/h
Wind speed range 0 - 65 mph
Wind speed range 0 - 5860 Ft/min
Wind speed accuracy ± 5%
Thermometer range -10ºC to 45ºC
Thermometer accuracy ± 2ºC
Sapphire fan bearing
Battery powered CR2032 supplied
Auto power off 14 minutes
Dimensions 103L x 38W x 11D mm
Weight including lanyard 52g

Digital and bar graph wind speed display
Select the wind speed unit you need
Battery level indicator
Neck lanyard with release clip
Maximum and average readings
Shows wind chill when below 0ºC
Displays celsius or fahrenheit
Auto off backlight
Protective cover

12 Months Warranty