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Hello and welcome to TESTNTOOLS. We offer a great range of tools and test and measurement equipment at realistic prices. We generally stock items that are difficult to find and some items you probably haven't seen before. Either way the objective is to make life easier for you, by having the right tool for the job.



Featured products
thumbnail_Bosch-28mm-Rotary-Hammer-Drill-GBH4-28-DFR.png thumbnail_Bosch 3 Mode Rotary Hammer Drill GBH 2-20 DRE Part No. 061125A440 A.jpg
Bosch 28mm Rotary Hammer Drill GBH 4-28DFR Compact Part No. 061124A042
CODE: 061124A042
Bosch 3 Mode Rotary Hammer Drill GBH 2-20 D Part No. 061125A440
CODE: 061125A440
Price: $749.00

Price: $319.00

thumbnail_Bosch-Multi-Cutter-GOP-250-CE-Out-Of-Box.jpg thumbnail_Dremel-3000-Rotary-Tool-With-30-Accessories-3000-2-30-Part-No.jpg
Bosch Multi Cutter GOP 250 CE Professional Part No. 0601230040
CODE: 0601230040
Dremel 3000 Rotary Tool With 30 Accessories 3000-2/30 Part No. F0133000PN
CODE: F0133000PN
Price: $255.00

Price: $159.00

thumbnail_InfraredNon-contactThermometerJT-520C.jpg thumbnail_Desic-Step-Drill-Set-3-Pieces-Spiral-Flute-4-32mm.jpg
Sinsui Infrared Pizza Oven Thermometer DT8530
CODE: Pizza DT8530
Desic Step Drill Set 3 Pieces Spiral Flute 4-32mm
CODE: SD3PSpiral4-32
Price: $99.00

Price: $69.00



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